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Distinctly well balanced

A couple of centuries back, IPA was made strong and hoppy to protect it on those long voyages from England to India. These days, we just make it that way because it tastes great.

Innovative Packaging Alert! FIGJAM IPA showcases a cutting edge packaging concept, in line with world’s best practice. The 4 pack handle is made from 100% recyclable content and is itself, 100% recyclable. It brings significant environmental benefits (cleaner manufacturing of the carrier – 90% less energy, 78% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, 100% less petroleum; most universally recyclable plastic; reduced carbon footprint when freighting the carriers) and is stronger than a cardboard carrier!

International Awards: Gold Medal, 2012, 2013 & 2014 World Beer Championships


An intensive five-stage hopping process delivers a rich, robust character, smooth flavour and an inviting aroma. So, while it has all the mighty ‘BAM’ of the original, it’s surprisingly well balanced - a bit like our skateboarding elephant.


Five malted barley varieties, five natural hop varieties, fruity ale yeast and water.


330ml, 7.0% abv. Food match: perfect with succulent meats and stinky cheeses, paired with figs


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