Upcoming Events 3 April 2018

Burleigh Brewing what’s on in May

Come on down and visit us at the Burleigh Brewing Taphouse

Wednesday – 3pm - 6pm
Thursday – 3pm - 6pm
Friday – 3pm - 8.30pm
Saturday – Closed
Sunday (September – March) 2pm - 8pm
Sunday (April – August) 12pm - 6pm

For news on music, food trucks and special events keep scrolling down!

At the Taphouse in May 2018:


Wednesday 2nd of May:

OPEN: 3-6pm

Thursday 3rd of May:

OPEN: 3-6pm

Friday 4th of May:

Live Music – Mescalito Blues

Food Truck – Wiener Haus

OPEN: 3pm – 8.30pm

Sunday 6th of May:

Live Music – Ryan Murphy

Food Truck – Cycho Buffalo Wings

OPEN: 12-6pm


Wednesday 9th of May:

OPEN: 3-6pm

Thursday 10th of May:

OPEN: 3-6pm

Friday 11th of May:

Live Music – Herbie Walker

Food Truck – Frying Piggy

OPEN: 3pm – 8.30pm

Sunday 13th of May:

Live Music – Jay Hoad

Food Truck – Little Havana

OPEN: 12-6pm


Wednesday 16th of May:

OPEN: 3-6pm

Event – Backstage with the Brewmaster


Thursday 17th of May:

OPEN: 3-6pm

Friday 18th of May:

Live Music – Kenny Slide

Food Truck – Baracca

OPEN: 3pm – 8.30pm

Sunday 20th of May:

Live Music – Nick Cunningham

Food Truck – Zicatela Mobile

OPEN: 12-6pm


Wednesday 23rd of May:

OPEN: 3-6pm

Thursday 24th of May:

OPEN: 3-6pm

Friday 25th of May:

Live Music – Phil & Tilly

Food Truck – Food Kartel

OPEN: 3pm – 8.30pm

Sunday 27th of May:

Live Music – Josh Lee Hamilton

Food Truck – Little Wahaca

OPEN: 12-6pm


Wednesday 30th of May:

OPEN: 3-6pm

Thursday 31st of May:

OPEN: 3-6pm


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