news 28 February 2017

Local theatre takes to the stage at Burleigh Brewing

With three sell-out shows behind them, freshly formed theatre company Cherry Car Productions graced the stage at the Burleigh Brewing Taphouse performing their first feature length production, The One-Armed Bandit.

The shows spanning the 21st, 25th & 28th of January were an overwhelming success with people from across The Coast turning in with a Burleigh brew in hand.

The One-Armed Bandit is a physical theatre piece-come-musical for adults with the plot line revolving around a lead singer in an indie pub band losing his livelihood to pokie machines. Spawning from the minds of an English and a Drama Teacher, Chris and Carmen found that “Finding forms of creative expression beyond the classroom has certainly made us much better at our day jobs.”

Creating two top 10 – 10 minute plays for “Short and Sweet” in Brisbane, and winning best independent theatre company was the moment Carmen and Chris knew they were onto something.


If you would like to know more about Cherry Car Productions have a read up here for a pre-event interview.


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