news 30 December 2017

The Deadwood Project – a collaboration



We’ve been busy creating something new. Something that offers a fresh way of looking at Burleigh Brewing.

In a collaboration with Deadwood Creative, we bring you …
Deadwood Project by Burleigh Brewing Co.

As part of the project, we’ve built premium tap handles made with recycled skateboards, and to launch, we’ve partnered with The Collective Palm Beach for New Year’s Eve so we can share with the world.

There are roughly 20 million skateboarders worldwide.
Over 1 million broken skateboards hit landfill in Australia every year.
Skateboards can’t be recycled in the traditional sense.
It takes a single skateboard deck to create one tap handle.
Each handle has been handcrafted by Deadwood Creative 55km from our home in Burleigh Heads.

If you can get to The Collective Palm Beach, take a look and ask for a beer poured with one. If you’re anywhere else in Australia, keep an eye out, you might just spot one in the wild sometime in the near future.

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