8 December 2017

Bock – the beer style


A classic German beer style often brewed for special occasions, the Bock is one tasty little number. In Brewmaster Brennan’s words, a Bock is generally decadent, rich and malty.

History tells us that the Bock style has been around since the 1400s, with Bavarians brewing it in lager form around the 1700s. Over time, and as is the case for many other beer styles, there’s a huge range of Bock beers available today with alcohol volumes spreading between 6% and 12% and their colour ranging from light to dark.

Some of the variations of the style include a Heller Bock, Dopple Bock, Eisbock and many more, but here we take a look at a Bock that sits squarely in the middle as a classic and traditional Bock. It’s one that we recently brewed as a limited release.

With an alcohol content of 6.5% and a dark ruby colour, malty aromas with hints of raisin and caramel this style is incredibly moreish.

The flavours belie its aroma, offering a rich and velvety sensation across your tongue showing off the malts first and foremost followed up by a balanced bite of bitterness to offer complexity of flavour.

We recommend you find yourself a Bock to celebrate your next occasion.

If you’ve got any Bock related questions, drop us an email to
specialhops@burleighbrewing.com.au and we’ll get Brewmaster Brennan on the case.


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