8 December 2017

Hefeweizen Wheat Beer


Hefe, German for yeast and, weizen, German for wheat combine to create our favourite Wheat Beer – The Hefeweizen. There’s no doubt this is one old style of beer out of Germany, nor is there any doubt that it packs some incredible flavours.

Generally speaking, when you taste a Hefeweizen you’ll get hints of banana, clove, vanilla and often bubble gum. It’s a complex set of flavours that somehow work together beautifully.

These flavours are all a result of how the yeast interacts with the wheat and malted barley during the brewing process. Aside from wheat, and like all our other beers, there’s no extra ingredients added to brew a HEF – yeast, malt, hops, water and of course just the right amount of time.

Take a closer look at our HEF right here.

It’s worth noting, the Hefeweizen isn’t the only type of wheat beer brewed around the world. For example in the US you might find a Wheat Ale, a fairly neutrally flavoured ale while in Europe the Belgians have a Wit Beer (meaning white beer) that’s usually a super pale but equally delicious wheat beer.

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