11 December 2017

Helles in German means ‘Light’


Helles in German means light, which perfectly describes how this style looks in a glass … Blonde, full-bodied and not overly bitter due to the amount and type of malts used in the brew, it’s a super approachable and delicious drop.

You’ll find Helles is very commonly served in the beer gardens of Munich, but also right here in Burleigh where we brew our authentic 3.5% version of what’s traditionally a 5% beer.

The popularity of mid-strength beers here in Queensland prompted us to create one, but as usual, we wanted to approach it a little differently and keep the body of a full-strength while staying true to the Helles style. Our Duke Helles was created as a mid-strength, but rather than water it down to achieve the lower alcohol volume (the way some other mid-strengths are created), we brewed it as it should be – all naturally. We did however alter the mashing profile to ensure Duke Helles offers the experience of a full-strength beer.

Check out our Duke Helles Mid Strength Lager right here.

If you’ve got any Helles (or mid-strength) related questions, drop us an email to
specialhops@burleighbrewing.com.au and we’ll get Brewmaster Brennan on the case.


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