11 December 2017

India Pale Ales


Back in the late 1700s the English who were colonising India found that their Ales were going bad during the journey across the ocean. They quickly learned that adding more hops and increasing the alcohol content acted as a preservative of sorts, allowing them to take the long trip and arrive with fresher beer.

It’s a pretty literal name for a beer style really and one that, you could say, was born out of necessity.

Nowadays, there’s a bunch of IPA options out there with varying alcohol volumes and bitterness due to the amount of hops present, but in general those are the calling cards of an IPA – It’s hop content (and subsequent bitterness) and higher volume of alcohol.

Our very own Figjam IPA is a pretty traditional take, with all the punch you’d expect from an IPA, but carefully balanced to deliver 7%abv, some seriously tasty floral hop aromas and a distinctive hop character on the finish.

Check out our Figjam IPA right here.

If you haven’t tried an IPA yet, leave your car keys behind and get to your local to taste one … You won’t be disappointed.

If you’ve got any IPA questions you want answered, drop us an email to
specialhops@burleighbrewing.com.au and we’ll get Brewmaster Brennan on the case.


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