news 7 November 2018

New Burleigh Mid-Tide!

Just like the optimal tide conditions for perfect waves at Burleigh point, our go-to ale sits right in the sweet spot. Delicately hopped to produce subtle fruit character, Burleigh Mid-Tide’s flavour belies its alcohol content. Oh, and it’s supremely sessionable.

You had me at supremely sessionable.

Sessionable — what a word. It conjures up images of sharing long summer afternoons with friends over a few frosty ones. Technically, it actually means you can drink for longer, without having to call in sick the next day. Basically, it’s beer magic. And our Burleigh Mid-Tide is a delicious example of this wizardry.


Find Burleigh Mid-Tide at your local or check into Burleigh Brewing Taphouse Friday, Saturday or Sunday to experience it fresh off the tap!


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