Our Brewery

The brewery is our temple

This is where the magic happens, friends. These glorious silver beacons of all that is good in the world are home to our gorgeous craft beers. We don’t contract anyone else to brew our beer and we don’t outsource any step of the process.

All brewing, fermenting, maturing, filtering, packaging — and all the other ‘ings’ — are done by us, in our brewery. And to anyone who says that makes us control freaks, we say ‘Yeah? Well, it makes a difference to the beer’ and when they say ‘As if’, we say ‘Try it for yourself’ as we casually slide them a schooner across the hypothetical bar. And then we watch and as they start drinking, a look of confusion, and eventually defeat, comes over their face. And then we turn and we walk away, and we whisper ‘told ya so.’


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