Our Craft

It’s not called craft beer for nothing.

Incredible beer like ours doesn’t just happen. It takes time, quality ingredients, experience, passionate discussions (arguments), mistakes, experiments, love — but above all, craftsmanship.

Our dedication to our craft means that we take our time, use carefully selected ingredients, labour over our recipes, design exacting processes and follow them to the letter.

Every step of the brewing process has a significant effect on the final product’s quality, flavour and stability. There’s no use in having standards if you don’t stick to them. So our standards are non-negotiable.

We don’t use sugar in our brews — nor any additives, preservatives or processing aids to speed things up. No nasty chemicals, foam enhancers, pre-isomerised hop products, animal products, finings, GMOs or anything else that’s not supposed to be in beer.

Our ‘local first’ approach dictates that if ingredients and packaging materials are available in Australia, we buy them here. The closer to Burleigh, the better. We’ve achieved impressive water and energy efficiency, and ensured the shelf life of our beer without the need for chemicals or pasteurisation.

That all sounds very serious — and it is! But we believe hard work should be balanced out with a sense of reality, a bit of perspective and a good dose of fun. Our efforts produce something that’s often used to celebrate hard work — it would be a crime not to enjoy the process!

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