Our Ethos

Balance • Character • Soul

Balance, Character and Soul – it’s who we are and how we brew and it flows naturally in our craft beers and throughout our business.

Burleigh Brewing exists to ensure your beer drinking experience goes beyond the world class contents of the bottle. We exist to ensure its impact is world class too. How? Through balance, character and soul.


What would life be without balance? Well, we’d have to get used to falling over a lot, that’s for sure. Just like us, without balance, beer falls over too. Balance is not about a comfort zone. It’s all about control: knowing where the tipping point is and staying a hair’s breadth from it. You’ll see it in our approach to life. You’ll taste it in our beer.

In each and every one of our craft beers, nothing dominates, overrides or spoils the party. Even at 7% abv and 70 IBUs. It’s what we’re famous for. And we’re pretty proud of that.


It’s more than a funny voice, a signature piece of clothing or trademark superpowers. Character is best defined by actions, not intentions. Our character is displayed in the way we operate as much as the beer we brew. It’s the unique stamp we put on things. It’s reliable, but it’s never predictable.

The range of craft beers we produce is diverse – yet each has its own personality and genuine story to tell. Still, they all share the same genes and have the same Burleigh Brewing twinkle in their eye.


From the very beginning there’s been a deeper meaning to what we do. Beyond the creation of something special for others to enjoy, it’s about staying true to ourselves and supporting those around us as much as we can.

We push ourselves to be good at what we do. But more than that, we choose to do it with respect for the community we serve. From our village home of Burleigh Heads, we strive to ensure Burleigh Brewing’s impact throughout Australia is positive.

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