Our Story

Boy meets girl. Boy marries girl. They make a beer baby.

Rumour has it that Brewmaster Brennan was born on the floor of an old ale house and when he came kicking and screaming into the world, he refused his mother’s bosom, and instead reached his tiny newborn hand towards a schooner of lager left on a nearby table.

It’s not surprising really, considering his family tree boasts brewers and bottlers in previous generations.

Fast-forward to 2006 and that thirsty, ambitious baby has clocked up a lifetime of experience brewing in his home country of Hawaii, won a swag of awards, and married the woman of his dreams — Peta, a Gold Coaster who, when she wasn’t busy practicing corporate law, was dreaming of starting her own unique business.

Fuelled by Brennan’s vast experience, Peta’s business nous and a small dose of shared insanity, Burleigh Brewing Co. was born in an industrial area in Burleigh.

So, why Burleigh? Peta and Brennan agreed that the laid-back, beach town was the perfect match for their unrushed, authentic approach to beer making. From there, they set about pioneering the craft beer movement on the Gold Coast.

And they haven’t stopped since.

Over the past decade or so, they’ve upgraded their taphouse to an epic purpose built one around the corner from the original, won countless awards for both business and beer (a testament to their shared and individual strengths), grown to a team of 50, and in their own humble, hard-working way, helped transform the Gold Coast’s brewing scene into one of the most vibrant and thriving in the country.

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