Our Story

Cross a surf-loving, Hawaiian, young-gun brewmaster with a Gold Coast girl who detoured through a career in corporate law while dreaming of creating a very special business – and you get the inspiration for Burleigh Brewing.

On the back of successful brewing endeavours in Hawaii, and bothered by the lack of balance, character or soul in Queensland’s beer landscape, in 2006 Peta and Brennan put their plans into action. Deciding the laid-back, beach town of Burleigh was the perfect match for their unrushed, authentic approach to beer making, Burleigh Brewing was born on 1 July 2006 and set about pioneering the craft beer movement on the Gold Coast.

What began as an ambitious vision and a detailed plan, expanded steadily over a 10 year period. Eventually, with no more nooks or crannies in which to tuck even more equipment or crew, the original brewing site was converted to a warehouse for raw materials and packaged beer and the entire craft brewing and packaging operation, along with an epic Taphouse, moved into a purpose-designed building a few hundred metres down the road.

Along the way, Burleigh Brewing has been honoured with a number of business and brewing awards – you can check some of them out here. We appreciate the recognition very much – it helps us to know that we’re on the path we set for ourselves.

From our new home, the ever-growing Burleigh Brewing team continues our mission to brew beer with balance, character and soul – and to make a difference while we’re doing it.

Peta and Brennan give the inside word on their personal journey here.

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