Burleigh Blonde Carton


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Bier Garden Lager 5.0%
ABV. 20

1 carton holds 16 x 375ml cans

Blonde is our new Burleigh-inspired version of the classic bier garden lagers of Germany. There’s only one way to drink this crisp and balanced blonde lager — outside, on a sunny day, surrounded by mates. If you were German, you’d enjoy it in a bier garten somewhere. For locals, we recommend Burleigh Hill, or anywhere that serves sunshine and sea breezes.

This sessionable little lager was a perfect choice for our first release of canned beers. That means wherever you enjoy it, you’ll be greeted by that unmistakable ‘tsssh’ as you open that can of amber sunshine and it meets the salt air. It’s positively poetic, you guys.

Highly sessionable, malt-forward, clean finish on the palate with notes of European hops.

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