Taphouse Exclusive: Hop Nectar 375ml cans


Burleigh Beer Zone only.
It’s time to try something different.

Burleigh Taphouse Exclusive
Hop Nectar
Hazy Pale Ale
ABV: 5.9%

1 carton holds 16 x 375ml cans
*Super limited quantities available

When creating our Taphouse Exclusives, our brewers unleash their creativity and produce small batch brews unique in style and flavour. The Burleigh Taphouse Exclusive Hop Nectar is a Hazy Pale Ale with a unique malt and hop combo that gives it juicy malt and grapefruit, berry and mango characteristics.

Our Taphouse Exclusive offering is constantly changing with super limited quantities available. These are unique brews, usually unfiltered, designed to be kept refrigerated and consumed as fresh as possible. Keep your Taphouse Exclusive cans in the fridge and enjoy them soon after.

Delivery details:

Thank you for helping us keep our Taphouse Beer Enablers busy by ordering from our online store. Delivery is available in our Burleigh Beer Zone only. Order by 1:00pm for delivery within the next 2 business days.

Not in our local beer zone and eager to get your hands on Burleigh Taphouse Exclusives? Register your interest below in ordering Burleigh Taphouse Exclusives for direct delivery to you, outside our Beer Zone. We’re working on it and will ensure you are the first to know when it happens!

You must be 18+ to purchase. Delivery on Burleigh beer orders is free for a limited time.


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