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When you brew beer at a place you call home, you tend to get a few friends dropping in.
Our Taphouse is designed for exactly that. Check out `What’s On’ here

Click here for frequently asked questions when visiting our taphouse and to enquire about events.


We’re currently only open for takeaways including packaged Core Beers, Taphouse Exclusives in pack, Burleigh Growler refils and Merchandise. Check out the menu of available beers here.

Friday  3:00pm – 6:00pm
Saturday 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Sunday 12:00pm – 3:00pm

We are closed on public holidays.

Backstage with the Brewmaster –  Available from September

Quench your thirst and learn all things beer during this exclusive brewery tour at Burleigh Brewing. Brew guru Brennan Fielding will take you on a behind the scenes tour of the brewery, followed by time in the Taphouse for shared food platters, matching beers and great banter.

What’s Included?

Come to know the workings of our authentic craft brewery inside out after this behind the scenes tour of Burleigh Brewing. With a beer in hand, let brewmaster Brennan Fielding take you on a brew-tastic tour of their stunning brewery, teaching you the secrets behind the processes of production and stories about how Burleigh Brewing came to be. With a lifetime of experience, this is your chance to pick Brennan’s beery brain with any questions you may have about your favourite beverage. After the hour tour, make your way over to their Taphouse for shared food platters, matching beers and great banter. Perfect for any avid beer fan!

Duration – 2 hours (1 hour tour with the Brewmaster + 1 hour tasting & mingling).

Tickets – $50 (must be pre-booked and pre-paid).
Time – 6:00pm – 8:00pm, on the second Thursday of each month, however check the dates listed in the sHop.
Note – Doors open at 5:30pm. Please arrive by 5:50pm to check in. Closed toe shoes are required.
The tour includes Burleigh Brewing world class beer on arrival and during the tour.

To book your Backstage pass to Burleigh Brewing, click here.

Please note there is no Backstage with the Brewmaster Tour in April 2020

Accessibility Guide

World-class beers for all!

We want everyone’s visit with us to be as awesome as possible so we make sure all of our guests have suitable access, whatever their individual needs.

Burleigh Cinema

Car Parking

The brewery precinct offers plenty of street parking close by as well as two car parks adjacent to the entrance.  If we receive prior notification of your visit and your car displays a Disability Parking Permit, we’ll generally be able to provide parking for you within our car park to accommodate your accessibility needs.  If you visit without notice and require access to the car park area, please speak with our Taphouse team who will be happy to assist you.

Once you are inside the outdoor area of the brewery, there is clear level access into all areas of the Taphouse.

Taphouse & Brewery

Most of our furniture consists of bar stools and high tables however we do have furniture that can be accessed that sits 80cm from the ground. Staff are able to place this furniture either inside the Taphouse or the outdoor seating area (pending suitable weather conditions and available room).  Our standard furniture configuration allows for enough space for a person using a mobility aid to manoeuvre and Burleigh Brewing has a dedicated accessible toilet area with a door width of 90 cm which is located in close proximity to the bar area.

Beyond all else, we have an enthusiastic and helpful team led by our Taphouse Coordinator whose collective goal is to ensure that you have a safe and memorable experience.


We love the littles. They’re more than welcome to come visit us with you. But here’s the thing, we kind of need you to keep an eye on them while they’re here. We’ve noticed that sometimes, parents get carried away with our delicious beers and adult conversation (how good is adult conversation?!), and their kids are roaming the Taphouse parking lot in tiny (and admittedly, adorable) gangs. And that gets loud, and for the people who aren’t there with kids, not so adorable. So, yeah, we’d love you to bring your babes, just keep them close.

Now for the serious part: please note that as a licensed venue, it is imperative that those under 18 are supervised by a responsible adult at all times. Not doing so puts both us and you at risk of hefty fines.

Received a Burleigh Brewing voucher?

Congratulations on receiving a Burleigh Brewing voucher. Someone must love you! Or at least like you a lot.

Depending on the value of your voucher, you can use your voucher in our Taphouse to purchase tap beer, takeaway beer, merchandise items or even a backstage pass for our Backstage with the Brewmaster experience.

Click here for full voucher T&Cs, in addition to our sHopping, Shipping, Cancellation & Returns policies.

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