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Brewed to a standard, not to a price.

Burleigh Brewing beers are slow brewed for pure, all-natural freshness. Slow fermentation means no creation of toxic alcohol compounds. Put simply, there’s no shit, no shortcuts – just real, expertly crafted beer that treats you right.


All brewing, fermenting, maturing, filtering, bottling, canning — and all the other ‘ings’ — are done by us, in our Burleigh Heads brewery. Our beer doesn’t just happen. Our dedication to our craft means that we take our time, use carefully selected ingredients, labour over our recipes, design exacting processes and follow them to the letter. Every step of the brewing process has a significant effect on the final product’s quality, flavour and stability. There’s no use in having standards if you don’t stick to them. So, our standards are non-negotiable. 


Our beers are vegan friendly and non-pasteurised, we don’t use rice or corn in our brews nor any preservatives. No nasty chemicals, foam enhancers, pre-isomerised hop products, finings, GMOs or anything else that’s not supposed to be in beer. And definitely no artificial processes to speed things up. Our efforts produce something that’s often used to celebrate hard work — it would be a crime not to enjoy the process! 


Our ‘local first’ approach dictates that if ingredients and packaging materials are available in Australia, we buy them here. The closer to Burleigh, the better. Even if they cost more. We’ve achieved impressive water and energy efficiency and ensured the shelf life of our beer without the need for chemicals or pasteurisation. That all sounds very serious — and it is! But we believe hard work should be balanced out with a sense of reality, a bit of perspective and a good dose of fun.

Our Ethos: Balance, Character and Soul

Our ethos is deliberately simple - it’s who we are and how we brew. It’s not a tagline, or marketing mumbo-jumbo. It truly is our inner operating system and reinforces our ongoing drive to do the right things, the right way, for the right reasons.  


 What would life be without balance? Well we’d have to get used to falling over a lot, that’s for sure. Just like us, without balance, beer falls over too. Balance is not about a comfort zone. It’s all about control: knowing where the tipping point is and staying a hair’s breadth from it. You’ll see it in our approach to life. You’ll taste it in our beer. It’s what we’re famous for and we’re pretty proud of that.



It’s more than a funny voice, a signature piece of clothing or trademark superpowers. Character is best defined by actions, not intentions. Our character is displayed in the way we operate as much as the beer we brew. It’s the unique stamp we put on things. It’s reliable, but it’s never predictable. The range of craft beers we produce is diverse, yet each has its own personality and genuine story to tell. Still, they all share the same genes and have the same Burleigh Brewing twinkle in their eye.



From the very beginning there’s been a deeper meaning to what we do. Beyond the creation of something special for others to enjoy, it’s about staying true to ourselves and supporting those around us as much as we can. We push ourselves to be good at what we do. But more than that, we choose to do it with respect for the community we serve and in a manner that honours each and every one of our extended Burleigh Brewing family, from team members to customers, from consumers to suppliers and everyone in between. We are proud to remain independently owned and family run. 


Beer FAQs

I want to stock Burleigh Brewing beer!

No problem! Contact us with your bottleshop or venue details, we’ll get you all the info you need and then set things up to ensure a hassle free and beneficial partnership.

Is your beer gluten free?

While many of our beers are very low gluten (typically no detectable gluten at LOR 10mg/kg), they are made from malted barley and as such, are not able to be referred to as “gluten free”. Head here for more GF info.

Where can I buy Burleigh Brewing beer ?

We have broad distribution of our beers nationally, through both independent retailers and the national chains. If you don’t find the particular beer you’re after on the shelf, a tap or in the fridge in your favourite bottleshop or venue, make a friendly request of them to order it in + get in touch and we’ll jump on the case! Purchasing via our online shop (or a variety of other online retailers) or in person at our Burleigh Heads Taphouse are also options.

Can you fill my 20 litre keg for home?

Our production operations are of a scale that means we are not able to fill ad hoc kegs. As kegs are pressure vessels, safety and insurance considerations also preclude us from filling kegs that are not part of our keg fleet. We do however offer 50 litre ‘’party kegs’’ for short term use. Get in touch here to find out more